What is Detailing?

  It is the complete and thorough cleaning of your car, inside and out. Your automobile’s interior is rejuvenated with our special shampoos and conditioners. Leather, vinyl, and consoles are cleaned to perfection. The exterior paint finish is buffed and waxed to a hard, new, durable gloss. Detailing can be considered a Systematic, Rejuvenation, and Protection of Various Surfaces. Let’s examine the components of this statement.  


  "Systematic" refers to the specific procedures used in detailing a vehicle and performed in an order that allows us to do the work in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Anybody can wash and wax a car; however, most home detailers spend an entire Saturday doing so. But because of our systematic approach, we can (1) complete the same detail in less time (efficiency), while (2) yielding a product that is far cleaner and better protected (effective) than the average home detailer would have ever achieved!  


 "Rejuvenation" is the procedures that are used to return the vehicle to as close to showroom condition as possible. These procedures range from removing the excess dust from a collector's vehicle that is permanently stored indoors, to revitalizing a never-before cleaned mini-van that has taxied four sloppy kids for ten years. 


 "Protection" refers to the procedures used to help keep the vehicle looking new after we leave. That is, when the rejuvenation process is complete, protectorates are applied to keep paint from oxidizing, leather from drying, and tires black. 

Various surfaces

 "Various surfaces" are the surface components of a vehicle (e.g., paint, exterior trim, wheels, carpet, seating, interior trim, etc.), each of which has numerous possible compositions (e.g., paint: polyurethane, lacquer, enamel, clear-coat/base-coat, conventional). It is the responsibility of the professional detailer to understand these various compositions and how to rejuvenate and protect them. For example, leather seats are rejuvenated and protected in a completely different manner than upholstered seats. 

Owner Statement


"Obviously detailing is not just washing and waxing your vehicle. Detailing is a systematic approach to keeping your vehicle looking and feeling new. After all, you paid thousands for it, why not spend a few hundred each year to protect that investment"?   
Terry Sherrett/Founder-Operator